Loose Morals Vintage was created for the creatives, the artists, and the rebels. We are young, we are still learning, we are successful, and we are go-getters. We go against the status-quo and live in the NOW. 

Loose Morals Vintage hand-picks and carefully selects every item. We spend hours at the most credible vintage warehouses across Los Angeles.

Why shop vintage? Well, vintage isn’t just “second hand clothing,” it’s clothing with history. Every item we sell has a story of it’s own.

Every time you buy vintage, you create new habits while creating small ripples in an industry that is over-producing. Every time a second hand garment is purchased, it creates less demand for a new high polluting garment to enter the marketplace.

You’re actually reducing trash, water, harmful dyes, and electricity usage.

That’s right, you’re going GREEN when you buy vintage clothing.